Triton Metal Products Announces New Board of Directors and Interim-CEO 

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HAMILTON, IN Triton Metal Products, a leading manufacturer of metal fabrications in Steuben County, is proud to announce the appointment of a new Board of Directors and the appointment of Brevin Bennett as the interim-CEO. These strategic changes reflect Triton’s commitment to growth, leadership development, and its mission of Making a Meaningful Difference in the industry and the community it serves.

Brevin Bennett

Bennett, a 26-year-old rising star, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role as interim-CEO. Having made significant contributions to the company’s success in previous leadership positions, Bennett’s promotion is a testament to his dedication, drive, and passion for making a positive impact. His rapid progression within the industry, starting from trade programs and internships in Steuben County, exemplifies Triton’s commitment to providing diverse avenues for career growth and attracting exceptional talent. 

John Freudenberger, former CEO and now a member of the Board, expressed his confidence in Bennett. “Brevin’s experience, drive, and his gift for helping others succeed align perfectly with our mission of Making a Meaningful Difference. He is passionate about doing good and creating lasting impact for all. The more Triton grows, the more lives we can touch.”

“We want to make a difference through the parts we make,” Bennett said of his vision for Triton. “Our greater purpose is our people, and our journey is defined by the impact we create together. Triton’s success lies not only in our advanced technology and facilities but also in the minds and dedication of our exceptional team.”

To further enhance Triton’s operational capabilities and strategic decision-making, the company has established a new Board of Directors. Composed of notable members, including company founders John Freudenberger Sr. and Terri Freudenberger, the board brings a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and strategic insights to support Bennett in leading Triton Metal Products to new heights. Other board members include company CFO, Tricia Baughman, and COO, Justin Freudenberger.

In this transition, Triton remains committed to nurturing an exceptional team of A-players and leading the industry in technology and automation. By embodying its Minds+Machines philosophy, the company maximizes the career potential of its Triton team members through advanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities. This includes the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as the Trumpf 7030 fiber laser and STOPA System technology for robotic laser cutting and palletization of parts.

Triton Metal Products extends an open invitation to individuals who resonate with the company’s mission to consider joining its exceptional team.  As a brand-driven company, Triton’s culture prioritizes attitude and a drive for excellence over credentials. The company firmly believes that success and growth at Triton are not limited to those with college degrees. The company actively seeks A-players who thrive in its unique culture, fostering an environment where teamwork and innovation flourish.

“We believe that anyone with the right attitude can contribute to our mission, regardless of their educational background. We’re looking for the right character and internal motivations that align with Triton’s core values,” said Brevin, highlighting Triton’s inclusive and forward-thinking approach to talent acquisition and development. 

(from left to right) Justin Freudenberger, Brevin Bennett, Tricia Baughman, John Freudenberger 

About Triton Metal Products 

Founded in 1980 by John and Terri Freudenberger, Triton occupies 175,000 square feet across three locations, with the Hamilton facility serving as the company’s headquarters. Since its founding, Triton has been Making a Meaningful Difference in the industry by creating high-quality products and connecting people, businesses, and communities. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Triton has experienced significant success and growth, and its new leadership team marks a new phase in the company’s vision for the future.

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