Business as usual is fine for usual business.
But we’re not your usual business.

Raising the Bar

Our customers expect us to set the bar high…We expect ourselves to raise it even higher.

Our Technologies

CNC Laser Cutting

We push our machines to new heights, using every bell and whistle to your advantage. With tight positioning and repeatability tolerances, we can reduce production times and improve part quality.

CNC Tube Laser Cutting

When you need better solutions than what you’d get with traditional sawing and machining, tube lasers open the door to more sophisticated design and efficiency.

Robotic Welding

At Triton, we create welding fixtures in-house, making it possible to design pieces that align with our unique capabilities. We’re rather fond of pushing the envelope, and we know how to drive a project from start to finish. In the end, you enjoy streamlined efficiency and quick turnaround.

Manual Welding

When production runs don’t justify robotic setups, we have the capacity to accommodate all of your manual welding needs. We have a Certified Weld Inspector on staff and a skilled team of welders that can masterfully handle any job.

CNC Machining

At Triton, we improve efficiencies with expert in-house design-build capabilities. Our skilled team members adopt a shared vision, collaborating together at every stage of the process. And, with an expansive list of capabilities, we are equipped to handle the most complex projects.

CNC Turning

We offer high-precision performance for all of your turning needs, including boring, threading, dual spindle, and live tooling.

CNC Press Brake & Stamping

We offer the creative flair you need to transform flat sheets of metal into three-dimensional masterpieces. By incorporating offline programming, back gauging, special padding and special templates, we have the ability to create tighter tolerance parts that meet – and exceed – your expectations.

Powder Coating

Our Powder Coat line can accommodate large and small paint orders, providing a solid layer of protection for your parts. Plus, talk with us if you have any high-performance salt spray requirements, here at Triton, we’re pleased to offer a high level of salt spray testing.

Edge Rounding & Oxide Removal

Our edge rounding service is automatic and allows our powder coating finishes to adhere properly. This also improves salt spray test results and reduces unwanted returns. We’re able to smooth edges on both external and internal contours or remove oxide from the top and bottom of laser cut parts with our oxide removal machines. Or have us cut your part with nitrogen to eliminate the production of oxide altogether.

Production Sawing

Yes, we buy in bulk. Many of our raw materials arrive in 24-foot lengths, but we easily cut them down to size in-house.

Inventory Management Systems

We can store your supply of parts and deliver them when you need them. No more cash-flow crunches or inventory-related headaches!

Assembly & Delivery

We will gladly assemble and deliver finished products right to your door. Now that’s service with a smile!

We’ve got your back.

So what makes Triton Metal Products different from your run-of-the-mill machining or fabrication company? Put simply; it’s the winning combination of smart people and snazzy machines.

We have the capacity to handle virtually any job, no matter the size. In fact, complex jobs that require multiple solutions are our specialty.

At Triton, we are a symphony of minds and machines, and we’re here to make beautiful fabrication music for you.

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