Triton Metal Products

Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest.

Triton Metal Products is an industry leading metal fabrication company known for our partnership style, our problem solving capabilities, and our industry leading technologies and practices.

The pairing of the smartest minds along with the most technologically advanced machines delivers a unique Minds + Machines solution to the toughest challenges our customers face.

While we are proud of our reputation of staying ahead of the curve on behalf of our customers, we know that technology alone isn’t enough. It is our team… their expertise and their smarts… that enables us to conquer the many challenges our customers look to us to help them with. It is what allows us to deliver like no one else.

Triton has a strong history and commitment of continuous process improvement. Today that is reflected in our company’s drive to be:

  • A interconnected knowledge hub, employing the latest and greatest innovative technologies … where less is more…where working smarter not harder is the norm….where people and machines are connected and helping one anther solve problems to most optimally satisfy the customer… and where the work environment is vibrante, easy, and rewarding for our Tritons.
  • A company that is powered by ... using innovative approaches, techniques, processes, systems, practices and advanced production models to deliver one of a kind solutions.
  • A company that delivers best-of-class for our customers in a manner that no one else can...or does.
  • Companies without heart are breaking down. Companies with heart are breaking through. Triton Metal Products is a company of strong heart. We are a proud and active supporter of our veterans, a long-time supporter of Riley’s Hospital for Children, and a leader in founding the National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation.

    Our greater purpose is to make a meaningful difference in the lives and businesses we touch. We proudly say that we have no employees here… only Tritons… best of the best… making and being that meaningful difference each and every day!

    We appreciate you reaching out to us and look forward to connecting.