For starters, we dig deep.

Before we even make the first part, we do everything we can to understand our customers’ needs. We delve into systems and processes, invoicing and purchasing – and more. We ask lots of hard questions.

What is the part for? How will it be used? How does it fit into the scope of your overarching process?

The commitment to quality goes beyond just the part – it’s understanding how you want things done and finding ways to help you do it better. We’re not simply looking to create a quality part – we want to create a quality experience, as well.

We believe that taking a proactive approach isn’t the better way … it’s the ONLY way.

That’s why we coined the phrase Minds + Machines. The combination of great technology and great people is our secret to success -- and it’s your guarantee that we’ll provide consistent quality. Always.



Our in-house engineering department is up for the challenge, no matter what it is. From innovating a better way to make a premium part, to fresh ideas that solve complex problems, down to creating custom designs for your latest project. We know how to do it right.

If you need a team who understands your idea and knows how to make it happen... You've come to the right place. At Triton, our experienced engineering team is ready to serve.

Customer Service

To some, customer service is a buzz word, to us it's a way of life. But delivering the highest level of satisfaction is more difficult than it looks. That's why we've worked hard to develop a culture that constantly seeks to grow, adapt and get better... Every day.

Doing it right the first time. On time delivery. Access to our team members for insights and information. We even use our own trucks to deliver parts directly to our customers door, just so we can ensure the best possible service.

At Triton, we don't just say the words "good customer service" so we can feel better about ourselves. It's part of our DNA. We live it out, and we always strive to do it better. It's important to us because it's important to our customers.


The right team members. The right equipment. Industry leading processes. A 93,000 sq. foot facility and a heart to do something great. These are just a few pieces that make up the operations side of Triton Metal Products.

We could talk all day about the many aspects of Triton's operations and how hard we've worked to do it right, but we'd rather explain the why behind it all. Making a meaningful difference... in everything we do, and for everyone we meet. Our customers, our team members, our communites, and even within the metal fabrication industry.

Certifications and Credentials

No matter what, we’re committed to meeting – and exceeding – industry standards. Here are a few of our most recent recognitions and certifications