The Three Elements of a Customer-Centric
Shipping Process

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Creating a positive customer experience doesn’t always start and end with the product itself. It’s essential to consider every touchpoint that a business has with a customer, and one that can be overlooked is shipping. It’ easy to outsource shipping to reduce company overhead, but is it the best choice for customers?

We believe shipping is a key component of a positive customer experience, so we brought it in-house. This allows us to assure every step of the process meets our quality standards. Our goal when it comes to shipping at Triton is simple. We’re looking to wow our customers, each and every time. And here’s how we do it—

Be Flexible 

We have a streamlined system for shipping to Triton customers—but what’s right for one Triton customer, may not be right for the next. When it comes to putting our customers first, we look at what’s easiest for them, not what’s easiest for us. For example, while we have a dedicated carrier for delivery, some customers prefer to use their own supply chain. We can handle the entire order for customers or just the manufacturing process, whatever their preference or need is, that’s what we deliver. Our flexibility is why our customers continue to work with us; business with Triton is easy. 

Be Adaptable 

You might think that this is similar to flexibility. You’re not entirely wrong. Here’s the difference: being adaptable is looking long-term. We’re not afraid to make changes to our entire shipping process if it means a better experience for the customer. Since stepping into my role here at Triton, our team has continuously streamlined our operations to decrease time between job completion and delivery to customer location. And we know we’ll continue to evolve our processes and systems to adapt to changing technology, resources and customer needs. 

Hire Strategically 

It’s our people who make the greatest difference in our customers’ lives. Tritons live and breathe The Triton Way™. We believe in working hard, and playing hard, too. We believe in getting a job done—and getting it done right. By hiring the right people who believe in a customer-centric shipping process, we’re able to actually do it, not just say it. Our customers rest assured knowing our people are invested in their success.

These three ideas allow us to truly make a customer-centric shipping process. Without it, our customers wouldn’t experience our signature Expectations Exceeded™ service promise. While simple to say, they are difficult to implement – but we’ve seen that every step is worth the effort for our customers. 

Steve Purdy | Shipping ManagerSince becoming Shipping Manager, Steve has helped Triton Metal Products develop an innovative labeling system that allows better visibility of parts across all levels of pallet racks from the ground floor. Steve’s role focuses on logistics and customer satisfaction through Improving Improvement™ efforts with on-time delivery of finished goods.

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